In-Store Hours

Starting May 6th, 2019 our lunch time is changing for the first time in many many years.
Current hours:
mon 930am-1pm and 145pm-7pm
tues 930am-1pm and 145pm -7pm
wed 930am-1pm and 145pm -530pm
thur 930am-1pm and 145pm -7pm
fri 930am-1pm and 145pm -530pm
sat 1230pm to 530pm
Starting May 6th:
mon 930am-1215pm and 1245pm - 7pm
tues 930am-1215pm and 1245pm - 7pm
wed 930am-1215pm and 1245pm - 7pm
thur 930am-1215pm and 1245pm - 7pm
fri 930am-1215pm and 1245pm - 530pm
sat 1230pm - 530pm

Closed on Major Holidays:
4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor and Memorial day, Easter, New Years Day


Please E-mail Ahead
We recommend that you e-mail ahead when students are on break, our hours change. Also, if there is bad weather or cancellations in the clinic on our late nights, we might close early


Yan Jing Supply
1441 York Street
Denver, Colorado, 80206

Call us at 303-329-6135

Yan Jing Supply store photo: