Chinese herbal medicine Materia Medica-Portable 3rd edition

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ISBN: 9780939616824


For those of us that have been using Bensky’s 2nd edition in our clinics for years, this book is an incredible leap forward! This is, without a doubt, the most thorough Materia Medica available in English. It includes more than twice the content of the previous edition, with classical and modern insights into more than 530 Chinese herbs. There are greatly expanded commentaries placing each herb in its clinical context with mechanisms of action, safety information and herbal identification. The unique illuminating discussions concerning standardized products, herbal identification, variants, and adulterants can be found nowhere else.

This is a dream reference book; an absolute must have!

Product Details:

By: Dan Bensky, Steve Clavey, Erich Stöger, w/ Andrew Gamble

Illustrated by Lilian Lai Bensky

1331 pages